Who Are We?

Digital Lapin is a design agency that provides digital solutions, consulting, branding and interactive services to clients globally. We create elegant, minimalist, user friendly, intuitive digital products and solutions.

Founded in Vancouver by Dennis & Derek, our passionate team is a cultural and geographical hybrid of skilled and experienced professionals, living the digital lifestyle. Our approach is based on the modern and minimalist school of thought executed through user centric design. Inspired and innovative, our team is brought together according to needs of each project.

Based in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Vancouver to serve the global market, enabling businesses to grow digitally.

Our Pillars; the world as we know it


Using our 5 senses we take inspiration in any form from artist, musicicians, designers, and architects alike; We absorb their emotional implications by the interiors, videos, songs we so dearly attach ourselves to.  Bridging a gap between the innocence of social play and business tactics, we take these inspirations and apply them to any digital medium.


Design is an approach to problem solving visible in all mediums; physical or virtual, analog or digital, metal or glass. Using our experiences, we execute through methological steps to conquer all. Applying a minimalist design technique taken from the guidelines of design from The Bauhaus, we think in process, not in random.


We believe ICT (Information and Communications Technology) to be a key ingredient to enriching products and service offerings and empowering your business to do more.

Technology is the catalyst to drive everything forward from society to business whether it’s enabling people in the home, in the workplace, or in the classroom. Advancements in “cloud” computing, ubiquitous mobile computing with mini computers in our pockets, to a revolution in low-cost micro-controllers mean new opportunities in this digital age.

UX & Usability

Just like architecture is an art form deeply rooted in engineering, usability and UX (User eXperience centrism) is a design art deeply rooted in cognitive psychology, behavioural science, and HCI (Human Computer Interaction) with a keen interest in the experience path of users without sacrificing ease-of-use.

Our Process

Listen & Research


Translating “The Need” and studying the competitive landscape gives a clearer idea to the solutions needed to stand above the rest.

Visual & Design


We can brainstorm clever ideas to create your new brand image, or simply build upon existing marketing materials.



Finding the right technology, designing intelligent information structure, using modern web tools, and budgeting accurately is critical to delivering on-time.

Testing & Q.A.


With an evergrowing diversity of mobile and desktop devices, we take the time to test a variety of devices ensuring an ideal user experience which passes our strict code of industry standards.



We then package and publicly launch it, along with analytic tools to give us real-time statistics of your site visitors.

Maintenance & Support


We give a helping hand to our clients, creating and managing content online with support service programs and site maintenance packages.

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